Driver Messaging

Lowering Costs, Increasing Efficiency....

A system that enables fast and efficient two-way communications with your mobile workforce at a fixed monthly cost (much lower than that of traditional methods such as a phone call or SMS) ensures business critical information reaches drivers instantly.

Would you like the ability to? 

  • Deliver critical information to your drivers easily through a single interface?
  • Have all communications with your drivers recorded and easily viewable?
  • Improve driver message response times?
  • Message your drivers at an extremely low fixed monthly cost?

Your bottom line will benefit from:

  • A low and fixed monthly messaging contract, which delivers outbound messages to drivers ‘Free of Charge’, and receives inbound messages from drivers at a fraction of the cost of SMS or phone call.
  • Reduced administration time in communications with drivers.
  • Visibility of historic communications enable you to validate the legitimacy of customer queries, essential for improving service levels and retaining customer accounts.

How Pinpointers 'Driver Messaging' can help you:

  • Provides a single interface for you to message any or all of your drivers.
  • Records all communications made with your drivers logging date/time sent, received and read.
  • Provides drivers with prepared message responses, enabling quick and easy message replies via the touch of a button.
  • Delivers outbound messages ‘Free of Charge’, and inbound messages at a fraction of the cost of SMS or a phone call.

“Our customers are demanding more and more from us in terms of on time deliveries, and if a delivery is late, we needed to know why. This used to involve a lot of phone calls – so we selected the Pinpointers Messaging and Tracking system and installed it in all our vehicles. We can now see instantly where each driver is, and communicate with them efficiently."

David James,
IT & Facilities Manager,
Talking Business Ltd

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