Excelsior improves customer service with Pinpointers Telematics!

5th June 2010 - Pinpointers Telematics announced today that it has been chosen by Excelsior Coaches to provide tracking for its fleet. The key factor in selecting Pinpointers was its close integration with the Coach Manager fleet management application from Distinctive Systems.
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Based in Bournemouth in Dorset, Excelsior provides tour programmes, private hire and transport for business and education.

Before installing the Pinpointers Telematics solution, Excelsior relied on verbal communications with its drivers for information on their location. This was time consuming, inefficient and potentially inaccurate, and led to delays in providing information to customers on the estimated arrival time of a coach.

By installing Pinpointers, Excelsior now has real-time information it can provide to customers. It can also use Pinpointers’ public web page feature to show live coach tracking data on dedicated web pages. This helps to streamline its operation and reduce customer service calls – allowing it to provide better customer service.

The Telematics system has also allowed Excelsior to avoid traffic delays by re-routing coaches, and monitor and control the unnecessary idling of its fleet to cut costs and carbon emissions. An additional benefit is that the real routes taken by coaches can be compared with the planned routes, allowing Excelsior to identify any discrepancies.

Kathy Tilbury, managing director of Excelsior Coaches, said: “Pinpointers gives us a great product that works closely with Coach Manager. I’ve been totally impressed with the Pinpointers support and development team and their willingness to work with us to tailor the product to our requirements.”

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