Garmin appoints Pinpointers Telematics as authorised partner....

Pinpointers Telematics has been awarded the prestigious Garmin Authorized Partner status, bringing about a new era of integrated vehicle tracking and Satellite Navigation.

By combining the power of the Pinpointers telematics system, and the ease of use of the Garmin nüvi SatNav range, fleet managers can now benefit from significant enhancements in driver communications, job management and dispatch, driver routing and back-office visibility of job status/progress.

For any business with drivers out on the road, the Jobs Management Suite brings a new level of sophisticated control to your fingertips. It allows you to create, or import, a daily job schedule for each vehicle along with customer location and expected time of job completion. As soon as the driver docks the Garmin nüvi into its cradle, it starts communicating with the Pinpointers telematics service.

Each job is sent to the driver and carries a description and the exact location of the job, which is then automatically programmed into the SatNav device. The driver only has to press one button, making his day easier, more efficient and compliant with the law (legislation about pressing buttons on a mobile phone is equally true for programming a SatNav whilst on the move).

As a fleet or dispatch manager you have real-time visibility of each vehicles ETA to its current job, along with the current status/progress of the job, ensuring you achieve the commitments made to customers and keeping you connected with your mobile workforce.

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This exciting new combination of two market leading products creates a very compelling offering, bringing together technologies that previously existed and operated independently. There has never been a better time to invest in an integrated tracking and SatNav product suite!

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