Telematics integrated 'Jobs Management Suite'....

As a result of Pinpointers® partnership with Garmin®, Pinpointers has launched its 'Jobs Management Suite'; a telematics fully integrated fleet management and navigation solution.
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The new system combines the power of the Pinpointers vehicle tracking system and the ease of use of the Garmin nüvi® SatNav range. Fleet managers can now benefit from significant enhancements in driver communications, job management and dispatch, driver routing and back-office visibility of job status.

While competitive solutions focus mainly on the back office software, the Jobs Management Suite delivers benefits to both the back office and mobile workforce. This ensures that staff in the office have up-to-the-minute status information and field workers are automatically routed to their destinations efficiently. It also makes it easy for drivers to accept or reject jobs, and exchange messages with the office.

As soon as the driver docks the Garmin nüvi into its cradle, it starts communicating with the Pinpointers service. Customers can choose which nüvi device they require, from the 300T model up to the 5000 series.

Each job is sent to the driver and carries a description and exact location, which is then automatically programmed into the SatNav device. The driver only has to press one button, making their day easier, more efficient and compliant with the law; legislation on the use of mobile phones also applies to programming a SatNav whilst on the move.

The Jobs Management Suite is provided with an affordable, fixed-price monthly messaging contract, which delivers outbound messages to drivers for no additional charge, and receives inbound messages from drivers at a fraction of the cost of a text message or phone call.

The suite allows fleet and dispatch managers to create or import a daily job schedule for each vehicle along with customer location and expected time of job completion. It provides visibility on a single screen of all jobs, along with up to the minute status information on their progress.

The Jobs Management Suite is available now directly from Pinpointers Telematics and via its partners.

“I’m delighted that Garmin has appointed Pinpointers as an authorised partner”, said Steve Tomkins, CEO of Pinpointers. “By combining the two company’s technologies, we’re able to provide a new level of sophisticated fleet management for our customers.”

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