Monitoring & Alerting

Bringing your attention to business critical events...

A solution that can be configured to keep a watchful eye on business critical events, reporting them to key individuals whether in the office or mobile, enables you to maintain focus on growth whilst ensuring peace of mind.

Would you like the ability to? 

  • Have business critical events reported to key staff within seconds of them occurring?
  • Be alerted to exceptional events that have a cost implication to your business?

Your bottom line will benefit from:

  • Immediate visibility of business critical events will enhance response times, improving customer service and reducing churn.
  • Better workforce utilisation and a reduction in fuel expenditure via the reporting of exception events.
  • A reduction in communications costs with mobile staff in order to check progress and status.
  • Being informed of erratic driving behaviour will lead to a reduction in speeding fines,fewer insurance claims and lower service costs.

How Pinpointers 'Monitoring & Alerting' can help you:

  • Allows you to configure which events are critical to your business, and escalates them to key staff via SMS, Email or On-screen alert and audible alarm.
  • Provides a facility for you to configure time/curfew windows for the events you are interested in, meaning you only get notified during business hours.
  • Informs you of:
    • Excessive driving speeds
    • Excessive idling (engine running but vehicle stood still)
    • Vehicles entering/exiting ‘out-of-bounds’ locations.
    • Late arrivals at a customer’s site.
    • Drivers exceeding the allowed number of driving hours within a 24 hour period.

“Using the Pinpointers system we can now see exactly where each bus and coach is, if its moving, how fast its going. With the addition of door sensors on some vehicles, we also have a permanent record of whether or not the doors were opened at a particular stop, and can be alerted to any critical events making it very easy to resolve any customer disputes”.

Roland Eglinton
Ops. Manager
Chalkwell Coach Hire

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