Procter & Gamble Monitor Shipments with Pinpointers Trailer Tracking...

Pinpointers is delighted to announce that Procter & Gamble (Europe's largest fast moving consumer goods company) has chosen Pinpointers unique 'Plan v Actual' trailer tracking system to monitor and assess haulier productivity.

Prior to adopting the Pinpointers system, P&G had no real-time visibility of the status of their shipments.  By using Pinpointers P&G are now notified in real-time of any:

  • Shipments that have fallen behind schedule whilst on-route; with details of the amount of time delayed by.
  • Shipments that have arrived late; with details of how late the shipment was in reaching its destination.
  • Shipments delivered on-time.

The real-time notification of these events enables P&G to be pro-active in liaising with customers to inform them of any expected delays.  The minute by minute trailer tracking of a shipments location also provides an audit trail that can be used to assess why delays have occurred. 

Reports generated from the information gathered, provides P&G with a system for assessing the percentage of shipments made on-time against those that were late.  The automated production of this information saves P&G a great deal of back-office administration, and is used to assess the haulier's performance over a given period of time and measure it against SLA's.

Having operated with this system for 3 years,  we have brought about a stepchange in our service levels. We are convinced of the merits of Pinpointers trailer tracking system and are convinced the functionality available will be an essential ingredient for success in the future.

Tom Corps, Operations Director, P&G -