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Public Web Pages with Route Overlay....

Customers of Pinpointers Coach Tracking service can now provide live web-based status updates to their own end users, displaying in real time the position of vehicles on a map.

For example, if a coach operator was carrying children on a school trip, the new system would provide parents and teachers with accurate, real-time updates on exactly where the coach is and therefore when it is going to arrive. This would avoid children having to wait by the roadside, improving safety and comfort.

While this feature will be valuable to all Pinpointers customers, a further bonus for the bus and coach industry is the ability to overlay a route on the map, illustrating exactly where each vehicle is while it is operating on that route.

Pinpointers’ tracking software also provides the option to integrate with Distinctive Systems’ Coach Manager application, which means that Coach Manager bookings and movements can be automatically linked and displayed on the public web page relevant to that booking. By changing the assigned vehicle in Coach Manager, the public view of which bus is on that route is automatically updated.

For fleet operators, this new capability offers them a competitive advantage that will help them win and retain new customers. Inbound call volumes will be reduced, leading to potential cost savings, because their customers can obtain the information they require on vehicle movements directly from the internet.

The public web pages can be password-protected, so access to the tracking information is restricted to only those end customers that are specifically authorised.  Fleet operators can control the duration of each Public Web Page that they create. For example, if an end customer is expecting a delivery within a pre-arranged time slot, they could be granted access to the system only during that time, enabling them to see exactly when the delivery will arrive. 

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We were looking for a tracking system that was simple to understand, could be accessed from any computer and was cost effective, and Pinpointers satisfied all three criteria.  We estimated that the system would pay for itself if we saved just 500 miles per coach, per year.  Given an average mileage of over 30,000 per vehicle, this has been easily achieved.  We have also benefited from being able to immediately access vehicle performance information, which was previously provided manually by Epsom's own bus inspectors. 

Steve Whiteway
Commercial Director

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