Telematics Reporting Services

Analysing performance, Reducing administration....

Powerful reporting services analyse your data presenting you with meaningful summary information, which provides management with immediate visibility of your mobile workforce’s productivity and performance, and vehicle utilisation.

Would you like the ability to? 

  • Obtain up to the minute data relating to your mobile workforces productivity and performance with just a few clicks of a button?
  • View vehicle utilisation statistics across your entire fleet?
  • Provide customers with immediate proof of arrival & delivery?

Your bottom line will benefit from:

  • A significant reduction in the time taken to analyse time sheets, job sheets, vehicle and utilisation.
  • Accurate and pre-calculated timesheet data that is not subject to handwritten mistakes by your mobile workforce.
  • Visibility of up to the minute operational data from which business performance can more regularly be ascertained and compared to targets – Leading to tighter operational control, streamlined processes and more business.

How Pinpointers 'Reporting Services' can help you:

  • Delivers accurate up to the minute timesheet information for your entire workforce.
  • Provides visibility of your performance against SLA commitments.
  • Enables you to view vehicle utilisation statistics across your entire fleet, including:
    • Number of journeys made.
    • Number of hours spent driving.
    • Mileage driven.
    • Fuel costs.
    • Journey times.
    • Maximum speeds achieved.
    • Time spent at each location.
    • Excessive idling.

"We used to waste a lot of time and money locating our vans to keep our customers informed of delivery times and in processing timesheets for our mobile workforce. Now with Pinpointers ‘Vehicle Tracking & Reporting Services’ we can confidently tell them where the driver is, if we have already delivered and process timesheets accurately all from a web page!"

Mark Tonks
IT & Logistics Director
AC Lighting

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