Pinpointers provides telematics solution for Stagecoach South....

5th February 2010 - Pinpointers is pleased to announce that Stagecoach South has selected Pinpointers Telematics to provide a tracking solution for its operation in Portsmouth.
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Stagecoach Group is a market leader in delivering greener, smarter travel, operating some of the most recognized and successful public transport brands in the UK.

The main Stagecoach South depot in the Portsmouth area is situated several miles from where the actual local bus routes operate. A fleet of vehicles carries drivers between the depot and the buses in order to minimise disruption, keep the routes running on time and allows for meal breaks. The shuttle vehicles are as susceptible to delays and holdups as every other vehicle on the road, so Stagecoach needed a solution to help them know where the vehicles were at all times.

With the implementation of the Pinpointers Telematics service, the controllers can see at a glance where the shuttles are, allowing them to make small subtle changes to the service – with the result that it doesn’t stall while waiting for the next shift to arrive.

Andrew Jarvis, Operations Director, commented: “Keeping our customers happy by ensuring our local bus routes run smoothly and efficiently is of paramount importance, and this telematics solution brings us closer to delivering against that goal.”

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