Theft Recovery

Lowering Costs, Providing Security & Control....

A system that notifies you of any unauthorised movements of your vehicles maximises your ability to recover one of your most valuable assets, minimising insurance premiums, downtime and disruption to your customers.

Would you like the ability to? 

  • Respond to vehicle thefts within minutes of them occurring?
  • Reduce your vehicle insurance premiums?
  • Reduce downtime within your business?
  • Avoid disruption in your service provision and inconvenience to your customers?

Your bottom line will benefit from:

  • A reduction in your vehicle insurance premiums and insurance claims.
  • A reduction in lost revenue as a result of stolen resources.
  • Reduced administration in sourcing replacement vehicles.
  • Your ability to maintain service levels and retain customers.

How Pinpointers 'Theft Recovery' can help you:

  • Monitors any unauthorised movement of your vehicles, such as them being towed away or driven by any unauthorised drivers.
  • Pro-actively informs you via your phone and/or email when a vehicle theft has occurred.
  • Enables you to view the precise location of your vehicle at any time during the theft.

“One of our London based service vehicles was stolen in the middle of the night from outside the engineers home. Thankfully, we had just installed the Pinpointers system, and recovered the vehicle that morning, hidden out of sight just 20 yards away in a locked garage”

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