"TwistedPair improves fleet management with Pinpointers Telematics"

23rd July 2010 - Based in Hampshire, TwistedPair provides data, voice and video communications services for small and medium companies (SMEs), mainly in London and the South of England. Its main source of business is SMEs that are relocating or growing and therefore help with their voice and data systems, as well as their communication strategy.  >> Press Release

Telematics needed - The company has eight engineers that travel to customers, typically working at three locations in a day. It needs to know where the engineers are at all times to enable it to efficiently manage this service fleet and respond to customer calls. While the engineers are all issued with mobile phones, reaching them can be difficult if they are unable to answer the phone.

TwistedPair was also finding that the wear and tear on its vans was higher than it was expecting, and felt that driver behaviour was probably the cause. If it could monitor the speed of the vans, this would help it understand the cause of the wear, and subsequently train or incentivise its engineers to improve their driving.

Cost savings - To help it select the right vehicle tracking system, TwistedPair turned to business communications specialist Aerial Telephones. They recommended Pinpointers, a market leading provider of vehicle tracking and mobile workforce management solutions whose customers include Orange, Procter & Gamble and Arqiva. Pinpointers’ products give customers visibility of their remote workforce, its whereabouts and current status, and deliver real-time information via a fully managed service.

Pinpointers Telematics has installed tracking units in each of the eight vans, and this enables TwistedPair to have up-to-date information at all times on the location, direction and speed of the vehicles. It also gets detailed historical data and reports. Taken together, this gives it the ability to respond quickly to any problems or new customer requests, as well as to analyse the service vehicles activity over any time period.

"The Pinpointers system makes management of this fleet easier, and saves us around an hour per week per engineer in increased efficiency,” said Adam Glyde, managing director of TwistedPair. “Based on our typical costs, that works out at a saving of at least £6000 per year, not to mention the improved service we can offer our customers.” >> Press Release