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A system that records the locations your fleet of vehicles visits throughout the day is an essential tool for optimising your operational efficiencies, helping you to reduce costs within your business and provide effective customer service.

Would you like the ability to? 

  • Respond to customer enquiries efficiently regarding the whereabouts of their delivery/engineer?
  • Ascertain rapidly which vehicle in your fleet is the closest to a customer location?
  • Provide unequivocal evidence of the time a customer’s goods arrived at their premises for delivery?
  • Compare geographically the locations of your vehicles throughout the day?
  • See historically where your vehicles have travelled, at what times and at what speeds?
  • Compare the actual routes taken by your vehicles to the optimum routes?

Your bottom line will benefit from:

  • Reduced communication costs with mobile staff in order to ascertain their whereabouts.
  • Reduced support time in resolving customer queries.
  • Being able to provide evidence of your arrivals against SLA’s.
  • Through an increase in operational efficiency, a potential reduction in the number of vehicles required to support your business.

How Pinpointers 'Vehicle Tracking' can help you:

  • View within seconds the current location of a customer’s delivery/engineer along with the distance and time from the customer.
  • With a few clicks of a button view the current distance and time of every vehicle in your fleet to a customer location.
  • View historically the locations your vehicles have visited and at what times, and send any relevant information electronically to your customer providing unequivocal evidence of your arrival at their premises.
  • View the current locations of your entire fleet on a map, comparing their proximity to one another throughout the day.
  • View on a map or in a report the locations your vehicles have visited and at what times they were there, the total number of miles driven over a specified period of time, the maximum speeds achieved for each journey, the amount of time the vehicle spends with the engine running but not moving (idling) and the accumulated cost in fuel.
  • View on a map or in reports the actual routes taken by each of your vehicles throughout the day, and compare them to the optimum routes detailing the reduction in mileage, travel time and fuel costs that can be achieved.

Vehicle Tracking for OrangeThe objective was to provide complete operational visibility so that management can enhance service efficiencies. It was imperative to Orange that the exact location of each engineer could be determined as staff did not always use the same vehicles and individual specialist skill sets varied. By combining individual RFID technology with vehicle tracking, Orange can identify where each engineer is at any time and determine “who is nearest” to any network service issue.

'Management are now confident that in the case of any fault, repair time can be reduced and customer service targets improved.'

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