Why is fleet tracking essential for fleet managers

Why is fleet tracking essential for fleet managers?

Vehicle Tracking Saves Cost

If you work in fleet management and are responsible for managing a vehicle fleet, we don’t need to tell you about the associated costs as they probably already keep you awake at night! Cost saving is just one of the ways that your company may benefit from employing fleet tracking solutions for your vehicles. A GPS vehicle tracker has the ability to track the shortest, least time consuming routes ensuring that you use the lowest possible amount of fuel. Believe us, your Finance Director will be thankful. Plus, vehicle trackers will assist you to conserve your resource, helping you to take care of a large amount of needless admin.

Vehicle tracking helps minimise admin and protect against unauthorised use

As well as the cost saving benefits, fleet tracking devices can really help to assist with your day to day administration and logistics. If you are a growing company with just a small number of vehicles and you haven’t yet invested in fleet tracking solutions, you’ll understand how difficult it is to keep track of your fleet. As well as knowing the accurate location of your vehicle, you will also find it easier to allocate jobs on a day-to-day basis as you can quickly find out which of your vehicles is nearest. Without fleet tracking, you have no control over whether your vehicle use is always for authorised business and you would be none-the-wiser. Indeed UK government statistics show that around a quarter of mileage driven in company vehicles is for personal usage leading to a greater degree of vehicle wear and tear, more fuel consumption and more mileage on your vehicles.

Vehicle Tracking Helps Monitor Driver Behaviour

For fleet managers it’s also important to understand your drivers’ behaviour. A proportion of your drivers will be more likely to incur speeding fines, or to display bad driving behaviour such as harsh breaking, accelerating or idling. These drivers’ behaviours can affect your company’s bottom line by speeding up vehicle wear and tear as well as leading to higher CO2 emissions. By fitting vehicle trackers on your fleet, you’ll be able to identify those drivers and respond appropriately for repeat offenders.

No matter whether you wish to monitor company cars, vans, trucks or hgvs, the same vehicle tracking solution can be fitted quickly and easily to them all. We also have a self-installation option available should this more appropriately suit your needs. Please read more about how Pinpointers can help here.