Seamless Integration with Coach Manager

Pinpointers provides you with a complete solution that integrates your Coach Manager data with the real time tracking of your fleet.

Your Coach Manager installation can be configured to automatically send all Private Hires and Movements into the Pinpointers Coach Management Module. For every vehicle that has a tracking device installed a corresponding Job is created for each movement, job or leg from Coach Manager. The data is sent at 3:00am every night for the next 72 hours. Updates in Coach Manager are also sent In under 15 minutes, in case you make any alterations. You can then benefit from a number of features in the Pinpointers portal.


Running On Time Or Late

We monitor the movement of each vehicle compared to the information we receive from Coach Manager, and show you if they are running early, on time, late, or late but within an allowed time window.


Tagged Public Web Pages

Any Public Web Pages that you create can be tagged with the Movement ID from Coach Manager, so the correct vehicles allocated to the job are shown on that web page. You can optionally display the drivers name against the vehicle name.

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Automatic Driver ID

We can allocate all journeys actually done by each vehicle to the driver assigned in Coach Manager, giving you automatic driver ID. This replaces the need for driver fobs, or login via a device or app.


Arrival Countdown Screens

We can create custom web pages for your customers, showing them the ETA of the next vehicle allocated to their service. If more than one vehicle is performing that route, the closest one is shown as the next to arrive.

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Pinpointers & Distinctive Systems RouteOne Feature

Pinpointers & Distinctive Systems was recently featured in RouteOne Magazine, the leading coach and bus industry news source.

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