How can vehicle tracking help you monitor driver behaviour

Amber Foods operates a fleet of food waste management trailers across the UK, focused on removing, recording and processing food waste for parent company 2SFG group. These trailers are moved around by a variety of trucks from different fleet operators, making it difficult to be completely sure exactly where each trailer was at any specific time, as they have very strict rules about servicing and cleaning due to potential contamination.

To overcome these difficulties, Amber Foods engaged Pinpointers to implement their vehicle tracking solution into their fleet of trailers to improve their overall management and reporting.

The Pinpointers Solution

Pinpointers fitted our P505 tracking-device-options trackers into each of Amber Foods’ trailers, setting a fixed time report to fire off twice a day, first at 8:00 am and then at 8:00 pm, giving them a full report of where their trailers are at the beginning and end of each day. The trailer tracking devices are attached just under the access stairs at the rear of the trailer, keeping them covertly hidden.

The devices will work seamlessly for just over three years before they need their batteries replaced, which can be done quickly and easily, taking just a few minutes. In addition to these fixed reports, our Pinpointers P505 trailer trackers can also be configured to report rapidly when moving. This is a perfect solution for any assets that are normally stationary, where rapid reporting is only required when the asset moves. In this mode, a device can remain in standby mode, reporting once per day for up to four years. When moved, the device can report every five minutes for up to 10 days depending on the battery level.

The P505 trailer tracker is also fully waterproof, robust, and extremely compact, making it the perfect tracker to be left inside a trailer as it will be very difficult to find for any thieves, and can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

You can also read more about how vehicle tracking can be used to help your business monitor your driver’s behaviour and prove that they are where they need to be here. To learn how Pinpointers vehicle tracking solutions can help your business, book a free demo here.

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