How can vehicle tracking help you monitor driver behaviour

Based in the West Midlands, Coinadrink have been selling a wide range of vending machines, drinks machines and water coolers across the UK for over 60 years. As part of the service they offer, Coinadrink needs to be able to accurately monitor the daily workload of all of their engineers, track their vans, and also be able to quickly react if they get notified of a faulty or vandalised machine.

To meet these needs, Coinadrink engaged Pinpointers to supply them with a range of van tracking systems to ensure they could quickly and easily monitor their machines, and their engineers.

The Pinpointers Solution

Pinpointers fitted each of the Coinadrink engineer’s vans with our P55 van tracking device, allowing them to quickly and easily establish which of their vehicles is the nearest to the problem by using our Find Nearest with ETA and Current Traffic feature. This helps Coinadrink to streamline their business operations, and also ensures that they can meet their service level agreements with their customers by using Pinpointers trackers for vans.

The Pinpointers P55 van tracker fits covertly inside the dash area of a van, and is connected directly to the vehicles power and ignition, meaning no batteries are required, and it will work at all times, even in the event of a tow-away.

Coinadrink also now makes use of Pinpointers’ external API, so that all of their scheduling and CRM system has full visibility of the historical journeys made by each of their vehicles. This fully end-to-end van tracking system gives Coinadrink full visibility of where their vans are, and where they are going. This information is then stored into the Pinpointers system, allowing for retrospective reporting and analysis to be carried out.

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