How can vehicle tracking help you monitor driver behaviour

Ethical Parking, now part of One Parking Solution, provides private parking solutions across Portsmouth that encompass everything from pay & display machines and brand new parking technology right through to permit patrols on their car parks. They engaged Pinpointers to help them solve their problem of having to prove that their members of staff were physically attending the car parks on a regular basis, as well as patrolling the car park in full on foot. Normally this would be difficult to prove without physically recording your physical presence in the car parks or videotaping your working day, however, with Pinpointers vehicle tracking solutions, this was not necessary.

The Pinpointers Solution

To solve this problem, we fitted our P55 Vehicle Tracker to each member of staff’s car to allow Ethical Parking to see, record and show that their staff members were travelling to the car parks, and spending time there patrolling them. Our P55 vehicle tracker is a 12/24V device that is easily and covertly fitted inside the dashboard area of the desired vehicle. It is connected directly to the vehicle's power and ignition so that it can track at all times, even in the event of a tow-away. We also fit an unlocked, unsteered SIM card into all of our tracking devices, so they can latch onto whichever network offers the strongest signal. This reduces the chance of black spots on one network, ensuring a higher success rate of data upload from the tracker. To install the P55, we arrange for an engineer to come and fit the device for you at a location and time that is convenient for you.

Pinpointers also gave each inspector a rechargeable P300 personal tracker to track their movement while at the car park for further, clearer evidence. They are now able to monitor and record their arrival and departure at each car park, inputting exact times for both and providing evidence that they have patrolled the car park, recording their walk-around route in full.

Our P300 personal tracker is a lightweight rechargeable personal tracker, perfect for this situation where it is needing to be carried around on a walk by the car park attendant. It has an internal motion sensor that tracks movement, and can be put into a pocket, backpack or even on a vehicle's dashboard.

You can also read more about how vehicle tracking can be used to help your business monitor your driver’s behaviour and prove that they are where they need to be here. To learn how Pinpointers vehicle tracking solutions can help your business, book a free demo here.

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