How can vehicle tracking help you monitor driver behaviour

Fall Line is a best in class full service transportation company, operating across the world stage, focusing on the world of events. Due to the nature of their business, they often have a number of vehicles travelling to and from events across the UK and Europe, and it is vital for them to be able to monitor and track all of these vehicles. This is why they engaged Pinpointers to help them implement trackers into their range of vehicles.

The Pinpointers Solution

To solve the issue Fall Line were having, Pinpointers implemented the P100 vehicle tracker to all of the vehicles in their fleet, as it is the ideal vehicle tracking device during short term events. The device is covertly hidden in the vehicle, hidden away from both the driver and any passengers, offering real-time reports of the vehicle’s location, destination and speed. It can be self-installed in just a couple of minutes, removing the time and cost associated with any professional installations.

At the end of the event, all of the trackers are removed effortlessly, and can be saved and stored for future events, or for use on a different vehicle.

This Pinpointers solution has been successfully used to provide state-of-the-art tracking services across hundreds of vehicles at the Rio Olympics, London Olympics, Sochi Winter Olympics and PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.

You can also read more about how vehicle tracking can be used to help your business monitor your driver’s behaviour and prove that they are where they need to be here. To learn how Pinpointers vehicle tracking solutions can help your business, book a free demo here.

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