How can vehicle tracking help you monitor driver behaviour

Trading since 1949, SR Smith & Sons is a long established regionally specialised distribution company based in East London. They currently manage a fleet of over 120 trucks, 50 trailers, a dozen staff and service vehicles. With such a large operation to manage, keeping track of where all of their vehicles are and whether they are running on time is an essential part of their business process, and is vital in keeping the business operating smoothly.

To successfully achieve this, a range of vehicle trackers was absolutely necessary, and led to SR Smith & Sons engaging Pinpointers to install and implement their vehicle tracking software.

The Pinpointers Solution

Pinpointers installed our P55 vehicle tracker into every one of SR Smith & Sons trucks, as well as adding a dash cam for incident reports and FNOL (First Notification of Loss) support. The Pinpointers P55 truck tracker is a 12/24V device that is covertly fitted inside the truck’s dashboard, and is connected directly to the power and ignition so that it can track at all times, even in the event of a tow-away. We also fit an unlocked, unsteered SIM card into all of our truck tracking devices, so they can latch onto whichever network offers the strongest signal. This reduces the chance of black spots on one network, ensuring a higher success rate of data upload from the tracker. To install the P55, we arrange for an engineer to come and fit the device for you at a location and time that is convenient for you

For SR Smith & Sons, we also implemented our P505 trailer tracker, as this adds another layer of tracking when trailers are being pulled by another truck that isn’t being tracked itself. This ensures that SR Smith & Sons never loses sight of any of its assets, and can track both their trucks and trailers separately. The Pinpointers P505 trailer tracker is a self contained, robust tracker with low power consumption and replaceable internal batteries.It is extremely compact and waterproof, generating 1 report a day with the ability to last for approximately five years in total.

You can also read more about how vehicle tracking can be used to help your business monitor your driver’s behaviour and prove that they are where they need to be here. To learn how Pinpointers vehicle tracking solutions can help your business, book a free demo here.

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