Self Installed Tracker - P100

This unit is a little different from a fully installed tracking device, in that it only has two wires for power and is quickly installed by you directly onto the vehicles battery (12 or 24V). We provide some 3M sticky Velcro pads to make sure it stays firmly attached. You just have to loosen the battery terminal connectors with a spanner or wrench, slide the spade connectors on, and re-tighten the terminals. Its easy to do and can be done in just a couple of minutes.

This device records all the same movement, speed and harsh driving as a fully installed device, but it cannot detect engine idling or tow-away, as it is not connected to the ignition.

The key advantage of this device is that you do not need an engineer to come and fit or re-fit it, you can easily and quickly do it yourself.

CE and E-Mark Approved for safe use in vehicles.