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Trailer Tracking

The Challenge

Trailers are one of the more challenging assets to track with a traditional tracking device. The main problem is that the tracker works best with a permanent power feed, just as it would in a regular vehicle, but trailers are unable to provide that dependable power source due the way in which trailers are hooked up to the truck via the various cables.

The challenge is therefore to provide a self powered device that is not reliant on an external power source.

Our Solution

We offer a variety of self powered trackers which have large capacity rechargeable internal batteries. The trackers can send as many as 8,000 GPS positions on a single charge, which means you can get several years of tracking before having to charge it up again.

Our trailer tracking units can be configured in a variety of different ways, with either regular timed heartbeats once or twice a day, or in addition with frequent positions when movement is detected. We can work with you to balance the concerns of recharging the device vs the frequency of updates to optimise the solution for you. The devices report their internal battery level so it’s easy to see when they are going to run out.

The devices can be fully bolted to the trailer, but optional brackets and magnetic mounts are also available. A recharge socket with a waterproof cover makes it easy to recharge the device when the trailer is next due for a service.

Case Study

Amber Foods operates a fleet of food waste management trailers that are moved around by a variety of trucks from different fleet operators. They were finding it difficult to be completely sure where each trailer was at any time, as they have very strict rules about servicing and cleaning due to potential contamination.

We fitted our P500T trailer trackers, each with a maximum power config of two 7800mA internal batteries, in a suitable location at the head of each trailer, under the access stairs. The units are configured to report just twice a day, so it will be several years before Amber Foods need to think about recharging them.

Massey Wilcox in Chilcompton have a fleet of over 100 trailers. They had tried many different options to track them with regular devices taking power from the primary or secondary suzie cables. This was proving difficult, mostly because all trucks behave differently when it comes to which pin in each cable does or doesn't have power and the trackers would spend long periods operating on their small internal battery and quickly running out of power.

We fitted our P500T device to all their trailers, with a configuration of two heartbeats a day and positions every 30 minutes when moving. The devices are lasting for 9 months on a single charge, giving Massey Wilcox a good mix of both asset and journey tracking.