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High Definition 1080p 'Insurance Approved' Vehicle Camera

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Our rugged vehicle incident camera is full HD 1080p, featuring a 3 megapixel CMOS sensor, built-in GPS receiver, and ensures the highest accuracy/quality for vehicle location, speed and video captures. It’s tamper proof design is built for businesses looking for a robust product that will stand the test of time in a commercial vehicle environment, and meets all commercial vehicle insurance guidelines.

The difference between our camera and cheaper alternatives!

Lockable Lens Position

Our dash cameras have a lockable lens position, so the driver cannot simply swivel it up to the sky whenever they want to avoid a recording being taken. Many other dash cams have a lens that can easily be moved by the driver.

Lockable SD Card Cover

If a driver knows they are responsible for an incident that has just been recorded, they could take out the SD card, and replace it with another unformatted card. The camera will detect the unformatted card and reformat it, and the driver will have secured the essential footage that you need to manage the problem. Our cameras have a lockable cover over the SD card slot, so only the fleet manager can remove it for inspection.

High Endurance SD card

Not all SD cards are the same. There are several types and speeds, and most retail cameras will come with a standard SD card. These cards can only sustain around 600 write cycles per memory cell, and with the constant recording that the camera performs during the day this type of SD card will quickly become unusable, perhaps after only 4 to 6 months. We supply a High Endurance SD Card as standard, which offers over 3 times more write cycles than a standard card, giving you a full year of recording performance. Please note that all cameras require a degree of SD card maintenance during their lifetime to ensure optimum performance, and you should expect to replace them every year. Prices for replacement High Endurance SD cards can be found on the Installation tab.

No Lithium Ion Internal Battery

When the vehicle finishes a journey and the ignition is turned off, the camera needs a few seconds to finish writing the latest video to the SD card. Most retail cameras have an internal rechargeable Lithium Ion battery, which provides power whilst the camera performs its job of writing the video file to the SD card. But just like mobile phones, or any other device with a Lithium Ion battery, that battery slowly degrades over time to the point where it will no longer hold a charge. As the camera is a sealed unit, you will have to then replace the entire camera. Our camera does not rely on a Lithium Ion battery, it has a high power super capacitor instead, which can sustain over a million charge/discharge cycles, as opposed to a Lithium Ion battery which can only be recharged between 500 to 1000 times.

Optional Power Delay Cable

In most circumstances a standard installation in your vehicle will give you the recording performance that you need. A standard installation involves connecting the power supply for the camera via a switched ignition line – in other words, the camera is only drawing power and running when the ignition is turned on.

In some circumstances you might want to ensure the camera remains powered for a short period of time after the ignition is turned off. If your vehicles are doing a lot of short journeys, or if you are concerned about incidents that could occur shortly after the vehicle is left unattended, we can install an optional Power Delay Cable. This has a timer that can be set to between 10 minutes and 10 hours delay. This ensures the camera is still running in between a short stop and start, for example during a delivery or at a lunch break. It also ensures that you don’t miss any potential incidents within the first 45 seconds of turning the ignition on, as the camera has to go through a boot up process before it is ready to start recording. We have 12V and 24V Delay Cables, please see the Installation tab for more details.

*PLEASE NOTE: Our camera requires a professional installation to provide permanent power. A full nationwide installation service is provided by us, with further details provided on the 'Installation' tab above.

Our new generation dashcam offering full HD 1080p video recording that can give you a comprehensive view of any incident and can provide court admissible evidence due to its Codec Encryption, protecting against exaggerated claims and crash for cash scams.

It is a must have for insurance companies, vehicle management providers, fleets and anyone with a vehicle. The inbuilt camera with super-wide angle lens, G-sensor and removable SD card can report bad driver behaviour and protect against insurance fraud.

This evidence can protect a driver from many of the issues faced on the roads today:

  • 'Cash for Crash'/Pre-meditated staged incidents
  • False/Exaggerated Whiplash Claims
  • Conflicting Reports of Actual Events
  • Lack of Witnesses
  • Driving Offence Allegations (Speed Cameras, Traffic Signal Violations etc...)
  • Full 1080p HD (1920×1080) / 720p (1280×720) / VGA (640×480).
  • High quality super-wide pillar to pillar viewing angle.
  • 3 megapixel CMOS sensor.
  • Adjustable recording rate from 1 fps to 30 fps (real time).
  • Flexible recording modes. (View Runtime Table)
  • Drivers driving style reviews.
  • Built-in GPS receiver ensures the highest accuracy for vehicle location and speed.
  • Full Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View integration.
  • Tamper proof lockable case.
  • PC & Mac compatible viewing software.

Camera Dimensions

What's in the box:

  • VT1000 vehicle camera
  • 32GB SD Card
  • PC & Mac viewing software
  • Power cable
  • Sticker for windscreen mounting
  • Wire splice clips
  • Angle stopper and screw
  • User guide

Installation Options & Prices

  • VT1000 Vehicle Camera (Inc. 32GB SD Card): £179.99
  • Standalone Installation (No tracker/tracker already installed): £65
  • Installation at the same time as tracker being fitted: £35
  • Optional Power Delay Cable (Read More): £35
  • Shipping Costs: £8 for up to 10 cameras.
    Each additional camera 35p.
    (Courier Tracked & Insured)

(Please Note: All prices quoted are subject to VAT.)