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Vehicle Tracking Benefits...

Your organisation can benefit in many ways from the use of our vehicle tracking system:
Reduce costs with vehicle tracking

Reduced CostsProfitability!

Reduce calls to drivers to ascertain locations and eta's.

Avoid tax penalties by receiving notifications when your vehicles are used outside of business hours.

Reduce fuel expenditure and vehicle wear and tear by making sure they travel on the most efficient routes.

Lower insurance premiums for vehicles equipped with vehicle tracking devices.

Lower overtime claims.

Real-Time Alerting

Improve Operational EfficiencyProductivity!

Obtain vehicle telematics management information with a few clicks of a button.

Respond to customer queries regarding eta's quicker.

Respond to complaints regarding non-arrivals more efficiently, by tracking vehicle movements.

Vehicle Tracking Reporting Services

Better Customer ServiceCustomers!

Respond to customer enquiries regarding the whereabouts of their delivery/engineer more efficiently.

Respond quicker to customer emergencies by tracking the closest vehicle to their location.

Optimise routes travelled and enhance customer arrival times.

Real-Time Vehicle Information

Improved Governance & SafetyDuty of Care!

View vehicle speeds, harsh braking and harsh acceleration events.

Reduce the need to call drivers whilst they are driving.

Make sure your vehicles are being used for business and not personal use.

Know the exact location of your drivers when they are in need of assistance.

Increased vehicle security when being tracked by a GPS tracking system.

Van Tracking Reduces Carbon Footprint

Reduce Your Carbon FootprintGo Green!

Less fuel = Lower carbon emissions.

Less mileage = Less wear & tear.