track The Challenge

The majority of vehicles needing a tracker are cars, vans and trucks. The trackers should be small and quick to install, and should be out of sight so that they cannot be easily interfered with. The tracker needs to monitor and report all movements, speeds, idling periods and harsh driving events, and should be able to keep reporting if there are network coverage problems.

track Our Solution

Our P55 tracker is a 12/24V device that is fitted covertly inside the dash area of the vehicle. It’s connected to the vehicles power and ignition so that it can track at all times, even in the event of a tow-away. We arrange an engineer to come and fit the device at a location and time that’s convenient for you.

We fit a unlocked, unsteered SIM card in all of our tracking devices, so that they can latch onto whichever network offers the strongest signal, reducing the chance of black spots on just one network preventing the tracker from reporting in.

track Case Study

Cars and Personnel Trackers

Ethical Parking based in Portsmouth operate a ticket monitoring service for car parks across the south coast. They needed to prove that their staff were attending the car parks on a regular basis, as well as then patrolling the car park in full on foot. We fitted our P55 vehicle tracker to all their cars, and each inspector carries a rechargeable P300 personal tracker. They can now monitor and record the arrival and departure at each car park, and prove that the walk-around route has been done in full.


Coinadrink based in the West Midlands operate and service vending machines across most of the UK. They need to be able to monitor the daily workload of their engineers, and be able to react quickly if they get notified of a faulty or vandalised machine.

Each of their vans is fitted with our P55 tracking device. Coinadrink can quickly establish which vehicle is the nearest to a problem by using our Find Nearest with ETA and current traffic feature. This helps to streamline the business and ensures that they can meet their SLAs with their customers.

Coinadrink also make use of our external API, so that their scheduling and CRM system has full visibility of the historical journeys made by each vehicle.

Trucks, Trailers and Dash Cams

SR Smith & Sons based in East London have a fleet of over 120 trucks, 50 trailers and a dozen staff and service vehicles. With such a large operation, keeping track of where the vehicles are and whether they are running on time is essential to keep the business running smoothly.

Our P55 tracker is installed in every truck, as well as a dash cam for incident reports and FNOL support (First Notification Of Loss). Our P505 trailer tracker adds additional tracking when their trailers are being pulled by another truck which isn’t tracked, ensuring that SR Smith never loses sight of any of its assets.

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