track The Challenge

Many coach and bus operators are now being asked to make the locations of their vehicles visible as part of their contracts with their customers, whether it’s a local authority or school contract. Customers are increasingly expecting new levels of service and communication via their smart phones, so that they can plan their day more efficiently. Keeping track of individual drivers performance is also essential, for compliance and onward training.

track Our Solution

Users of Coach Manager from Distinctive Systems already have all the fundamental data about the contracts and jobs in their system, with times and locations for each leg of every journey. So we created our Coach Management Module to automatically import that data into the Pinpointers tracking system.

We then compare the planned job with the actual movements of each vehicle, showing when vehicles are running on time, late, or late but within an allowed margin. Public Web Pages are tagged with the Coach Manager Movement ID, meaning allocation changes are correctly shown on the front end. Each journey is automatically tagged with the drivers name, removing the need for driver tags or fobs.

track Case Study

Richard Telling at Falcon Coaches (formerly of Telling Golden Miller) needed a way to monitor his buses on their PSV routes to ensure they were adhering to their published schedules. He also needed a way to share the locations of coaches on local schools contracts as the schools were insisting on this feature as part of their contract renewal.

We quickly setup the Coach Manager Module and Richard now has full visibility of jobs running late, and his schools contracts enjoy free access to Public Web Pages showing where each vehicle is on their contracted routes, in real time.

The automatic Driver ID catches 98% of all journeys made per driver, allowing for easy identification of individuals needing further training and coaching.

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