The independent bus and coach operator industry provides contract hire and private booking services, covering holiday trips, corporate events, sports events, school contracts and more. Many also operate passenger service routes for their local authorities.

Pinpointers Telematics offer several key enhancements to this industry sector to ensure you can get the most from a coach tracking system.


Seamless Integration with Coach Manager from Distinctive Systems

All your contracts and movements entered into Coach Manager are automatically transferred to the Pinpointers Jobs Management Suite, allowing you to monitor each movement in real time.

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Public Web Pages with Route Overlay & ETA Features

You can now create a public web page showing the location of specific vehicles for a limited time period, with the option of creating your routes with pickup locations that is overlaid on the map.

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Arrival Countdown Screens

You can create bespoke web pages to display the arrival times for vehicles on your most important contracts.

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Pinpointers & Distinctive Systems RouteOne Feature

Pinpointers & Distinctive Systems was recently featured in RouteOne Magazine, the leading coach and bus industry news source.

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