track The Challenge

Mobile cabins pop up at many short term events and exhibitions and are often fitted with a built in generator to provide power for lights and other equipment. In order to maximise their usage the cabins are usually moved directly from one event to the next. The generators must be serviced on a regular interval based on how long they have been running for. Keeping an eye on the running time is a difficult task, and can be easily overlooked.

track Our Solution

We deploy our waterproof P75 tracker with an optional connection to a suitable wiring point on the generator. Rather than report the moving journey of a regular vehicle, we report the running time of the generator instead. In this way, it's easy to monitor how long the generator has been running for, and therefore arrange service events very easily.

track Case Study

Securicabin are based in Oldcastle, Co Meath in Northern Ireland, they manufacture mobile cabins and hire them out through their sister company Rego Hire. They needed a solution that not only tracked the locations of the cabins but also reported the running time of each generator. The StepHill generators are smart devices, and operate much like a start/stop ECO vehicle, and only run when a power demand is detected. Working closely with Stephill we identified the correct wiring point to allow the tracker to report each period of usage of the generator, whether it was for minutes or hours.

Our Mobile App also allows engineers to navigate directly to any of the cabins using the sat nav capability of their smartphone.

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