track The Challenge

Most car and van rental companies have two key problems when it comes to tracking their vehicles - the sheer size of the fleet (therefore potentially very expensive outlay on equipment) and the short term nature of owning the vehicles (therefore the constant installation and removal of devices).

The challenge is to provide something very affordable that is easy to self install and can quickly be moved from one vehicle to another.

track Our Solution

Our P100 self installed device is ideal; it sticks to the top of the vehicle’s battery under the bonnet of the vehicle, and receives power via the batteries positive and negative outputs. Installation takes just a few minutes, and the device is easily removed for reinstallation into other vehicles.

This solution provides the rental car and van rental market with an affordable and covertly installed tracking solution that can be easily swapped in and out of vehicles as required.

track Case Study

Fall Line is a best in class full service transportation and tracking company focused on the world of events. They offer a range and scale of services from event advice to full service delivery of event transportation and fleet tracking.

Pinpointers P100 provides FallLine with the ideal solution for tracking transportation vehicles during short term events, typically lasting 3-6 months. With the device hidden away from drivers of the vehicle and its passengers, this solution delivers a covert tracking solution that can be installed in just a couple of minutes by FallLine’s own staff, removing the time and costs involved with a professional installation. At the end of the event, the devices are removed effortlessly and can be used for future events.

This solution has been used successfully to provide tracking services across hundreds of vehicles at the Rio Olympics, London Summer Olympics, Sochi Winter Olympics and PyeongChang 2018 Olympics.

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