Reduce Costs

  • Reduce calls to drivers to ascertain locations & ETAs.
  • Avoid tax penalties by receiving notifications when vehicles are used outside of business hours.
  • Reduce fuel expenditure & maintenance by ensuring your drivers are taking the most efficient routes.
  • Lower insurance premiums for vehicles equipped with location trackers.

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Obtain vehicle telematics management information with a few clicks of a button.
  • Respond quickly to customer queries regarding late deliveries and ETAs.
  • Respond to complaints regarding non-arrivals more efficiently by tracking vehicle movements.

Better Customer Service

  • Respond to customer enquiries regarding the whereabouts of their delivery/engineer more efficiently.
  • Quicker response times to customer emergencies by assigning the closest vehicle to their location.
  • Optimise travel routes and enhance customer arrival times.
  • Enhanced optimisation via heatmaps to improve customer response times.

Improved Governance & Safety

  • View vehicle speeds, harsh braking, and harsh acceleration events.
  • Reduce the need to call drivers when they're driving.
  • Visibility of business and personal vehicle use.
  • Instant driver location visibility when in need of assistance.
  • Increased vehicle security & theft recvovery.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

  • Tracking your business vehicles will allow you to see exactly how your vehicles are being used and help your drivers to optimise their driving to reduce fuel costs, consumption, and carbon emission output.
  • Cutting out unnecessary trips, helping to reduce vehicle wear and tear, and eradicating overuse of vehicles.
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