track The Challenge

There are many times when it's not the actual vehicle that you need to track - its the person driving it as well. And there are also times when it's just a person or an asset- no vehicle involved at all! And finally, you might only have an ad-hoc need to track something, rather than have a permanently fitted device.

track Our Solution

Our compact P300 is a self contained water resistant device that will run for up to a week on a single charge. It comes with a standard USB charging cable, so it can be kept on hand ready to deploy. The internal motion sensor wakes it up whenever it is on the move and it then reports its position every minute.

track Case Study

Ethical Group based in Portsmouth have local authority contracts to manage and monitor car parks across the district. Whilst a vehicle tracking device would have demonstrated each visit to a car park, it would not show that the operative had walked around the area and inspected each ticket machine.

We fitted our regular P55 trackers to the vehicles to record overall journeys and driver behaviour, and each driver takes a P300 in their jacket pocket which tracks their walking route around each car park, giving Ethical Group solid evidence that they are fulfilling their contractual obligations.

Ensign Bus in London needed a solution to enable them to track rental vehicles for short periods of time whilst they have them on hire. We fitted our usual P55 to all of their main fleet, and they have a handful of P300 units always on charge and on standby. When a relief/hire vehicle is brought in they put the device on the dash or in the glove box and they can track the current location of the vehicle alongside their main fleet.

Jon (personal individual) wanted a way to see where his daughter was when she was out with her friends on her mountain bike in the local woods. Even though she would have her phone with its Find Me option, there was no guarantee it would have enough battery life, as running GPS on a mobile phone consumes the battery very quickly. Jon bought a small saddle pouch that goes on the back of the saddle, and puts the P300 in it every time she goes out for a ride. He can see exactly where she is in the event that she gets into difficulty and doesn't come back home at the expected time.