WHat is Vehicle Tracking

7 ways van tracking can benefit your business

Many businesses depend on vans to service customers quickly and efficiently, especially in current times due to increased focus on home deliveries. Monitoring your vans using a vehicle tracking device gives you increased visibility and control over your fleet so that you can optimise usage rates and minimise costs as well as improving the safety of your drivers.

Vehicle tracking devices are quick and easy to add to any type of company vehicle, from company cars to vans, trucks and assets. We believe that you’ll quickly see the overall benefits of the real-time information generated and wonder why you hadn’t considered tracking your vans sooner!

No matter the size of your van fleet, Pinpointers tracking devices track, protect, inform and monitor your van fleet delivering a range of benefits::

  • 24/7 track and trace. With real time van tracking you can easily access the location of any van in your fleet, in real time. This increases the security of your vehicles and helps to reduce theft, or at least deal with the situation quickly should it arise
  • Optimise routes and avoid traffic jams. The van tracker recommends routes to reduce mileage, by avoiding roadworks and traffic. Here the benefit is two-fold. Your vans will arrive at their destination more quickly, plus you’ll save on petrol costs. By using vehicle tracking devices on your vans, you may reduce costs typically by 20-30%
  • Automated service notifications. With easy access to updates on van performance data and service, you can more quickly and efficiently deal with the maintenance of your vans.
  • Monitor van driver behaviour. By providing van usage and driver behaviour logs your device can optimise how you allocate both vans and drivers more effectively to an appropriate job. Your drivers will even be ranked according to best and worst driving behaviour
  • Easy to install and use. Van vehicle tracking can be easily integrated into your existing fleet management processes and is easy for your team to understand and use on a daily basis.
  • Data compliance. Van vehicle tracking complies with GDPR and compliance regulations which helps your tax mileage registrations
  • Clear and concise reporting. We allow you access to both real-time and historical reports about your vans. Whatever information you wish to access, you’ll be able to find it quickly and easily.

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