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WHat is Trailer Tracking

What is trailer tracking and how can your company benefit?

What is a trailer?

So firstly, what is a trailer? A vehicle trailer can take many forms but it generally refers to a separate unit from the engine part of the vehicle and is usually used for transporting something. In a business context, a trailer may be used to transport goods and materials on the back section of a heavy goods vehicle/lorry. There are a range of other trailers used for agricultural and recreational uses such as caravans, mobile homes, livestock, or trailers for domestic removal. All trailers do have one thing in common… they need a separate cab unit to transport them and they are easy to steal if not monitored and secured.

What is trailer tracking?

A trailer tracking solution enables you to track, trace and monitor your trailer in real time so you’re aware of the location and movements of the trailer 24/7. Trailer trackers provide visibility of the status of the trailer and you can be alerted of any changes and security breaches so that you can act fast should any issues arise. Not only does trailer tracking provide useful information on the status of the load being transported, you’ll also receive guidance on managing your trailer.

What are the benefits of using trailer tracking?

If you manage trailers, you’ll understand that some of the biggest challenges are keeping them secure as well as safe and compliant. Thousands of incidents occur every year on UK roads due to insecure trailer loads and a tracker can help and keep you informed should any situations arise. Employing the use of a trailer tracker can improve communication and provide information to manage your trailer efficiently.

See below for just a few of the benefits of tracking your trailer:

  • Reduce theft risk. Trailer theft is common and using a trailer tracker is a useful deterrent helping to protect your trailer.
  • Full control of your trailer assets. Track the location of all your trailers at all times.
  • protect your trailer.
  • Track Trailer usage.Use easy to access reports which will show you data on your trailer usage, including time updates
  • Trailer maintenance. It is essential that your trailer is road worthy; the tracker helps by providing maintenance reminders and updates.
  • Vehicle and trailer matching. Track which vehicle is attached to which trailer, for enhanced asset management.
  • Route planning. Benefit from guidance on the best routes for the trailer load, helping to reduce incidents and ensure that the fastest and safest route is used.
  • Driver compliance> – Access key information on drivers’ hours.
  • Save costs– You could reduce your insurance premium by protecting your trailer with a tracker.

Choosing a trailer tracking solution will give you the data insights to keep your trailer safe, compliant and reduce costs. It is a legal requirement that helps you to identify issues and take reasonable, practical steps to control risks.