How can vehicle tracking help you monitor driver behaviour

What are Van Trackers and how does Van Tracking work?

Van trackers are small, GPS based telematics devices which are fitted to your business’s vehicles. Once installed, a van tracking system allows you to actively monitor everything from the location of your fleet to traffic levels and driver behaviour. This will help you improve security and efficiency in a cost-effective way regardless of the size of your fleet.

Why are businesses using Van Tracking technology?

There are a variety of reasons that businesses use van trackers. Here are some of the key factors:

Theft Protection and Improving Van Security

Company vans are one of the most expensive assets to businesses, but they are frequently targeted by criminals as they are often likely to contain expensive tools and equipment. This means you will want to be notified of any unusual vehicle movement or activity. Having a van tracking system in place means that you will be notified of any abnormal activity immediately so the appropriate action can be taken.

Road Safety and Economical Van Driving

This is another key reason that businesses are implementing van tracking systems. A van tracker will give you a better understanding of your drivers by monitoring factors such as speed against the type of road or traffic conditions. Not only does this enable businesses to spot any unsafe driving, but effective van tracking allows them to identify and reward the most economical drivers.

Van Care and Maintenance

Not only will promoting economical driving help ensure that your vans are being looked after, but an effective van tracking system will mean you have a more comprehensive view of mileage, condition and overall van usage. This means that you can easily arrange for vehicle downtime and know when to diarise MOT’s, services and maintenance checks, helping to ensure your vans are always in top condition.

How will my business benefit from using a Van Tracking System?

An efficient van tracking system will increase efficiency and help to reduce costs by enabling businesses to:

  • Find and calculate the quickest and most efficient routes
  • Track fuel costs and optimise fuel use
  • Encourage economic driving by monitoring and rewarding good driver behaviour
  • Monitor traffic conditions so drivers can be re-routed to avoid delays
  • Reduce maintenance costs by monitoring van usage and mileage

Most importantly, van trackers can help you to keep your drivers safe and protected. Knowing their location at any given time allows you to keep an eye on road conditions or traffic incidents nearby so you can inform them of any potential risks. Should any traffic or customer dispute arise, van trackers also provide you with solid information around the timings and the whereabouts of your driver. Considering all this, it is no wonder van tracking systems play such a vital role in fleet management.

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