How can vehicle tracking help you monitor driver behaviour
  1. Identifying your driver’s current location quickly and easily

    Whether your driver is delivering an item or arranging a pick-up, vehicle tracking allows you to track your fleet in real time by using telematics and GPS technology to locate their whereabouts. Having a comprehensive view of all your drivers at any given moment means you can react to last minute jobs as well as give more accurate arrival times to your customers. In addition, a vehicle tracking system will allow you to monitor traffic levels nearby. This means you can re-route your driver before they reach the hold-up, helping to lessen journey times and save on unnecessary fuel costs.

  2. Using Vehicle Tracking to spot any unauthorised use

    Another benefit to vehicle tracking is its ability to notify you of any unauthorised use. Vehicle activity that you have not authorised means unaccounted journeys and additional fuel costs, but vehicle misuse can also harm your business’s reputation. In addition, if any accident or injury occurs, you may still have to pay the insurance premiums, even though you hadn’t authorised the journey.
    Over time, vehicle trackers build a detailed usage report on area, times and distances, helping you to spot anything out of the ordinary. You can also set up alerts based on area, so that if your vehicle moves beyond these points, you will be notified. In addition, vehicle tracking systems are set up to work in real time, so you can be provided with round the clock re-assurance.

  3. Monitoring driver speed with a Vehicle Tracking System

    Reducing the risk of accidents and keeping your drivers safe is of the utmost importance and is another reason why businesses are using vehicle tracking systems. Not only will you be able to monitor the speed of your vehicles according to the road type, but a vehicle tracker will notify you if your drivers are breaking too late or taking corners too sharply. Alerts can be set up based on any speed you like too, which means that you can consider the type of vehicle or load that your drivers are carrying as well.

  4. Using Vehicle Tracking to assess driver behaviour

    Assessing driver behaviour is not only important for safety, but better driving reduces the strain placed on your vehicle over time. Vehicle tracking systems allow you to set up reports to identify aggressive driving based on factors such as acceleration, braking and cornering. This means that you can identify which of your vehicles might be under the most strain. You can keep in the loop over how long your vehicles are idling to ensure that you are not wasting money on fuel, and vehicle trackers also help you to spot trends in driving styles so you can compare them with other drivers in your fleet. This information not only helps you to build a better understanding of your drivers but sharing this information with them will help them to improve their skills.

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