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WHat is Vehicle Tracking

What is Vehicle tracking and how can your company benefit?

What is Vehicle Tracking?

Vehicle tracking is a way of tracking your business vehicle fleet using GPS cloud technology to enable you to make smarter decisions and save costs. In real-time, you can monitor the location of your vehicle and ensure that your drivers are behaving as you would expect as well as immediately responding to incoming jobs. A vehicle tracking device can track any vehicle whether you manage a fleet of coaches, cars, lorries or vans. Here at Pinpointers we specifically manage business vehicle fleets, and can either install the trackers at your location of choice, or if you prefer, you can install our ‘self-install’ trackers independently.

What can a vehicle tracking device tell me about my vehicles?

It’s important to know the location of all of your vehicles, especially if you manage a large fleet. A vehicle tracking device helps improve the efficiency of your overall fleet management providing details on:

  • Driver Journey. You’ll see information on your drivers’ journeys including the exact route that they took and the time and location of their departure and arrival.
  • Driver behaviour. You will be shown information on your drivers’ behaviour including speeding incidents or harsh acceleration, braking or cornering.
  • Driving time. Gain an overall view of the amount of time that your drivers spend driving each day.
  • Alerts. Should your drivers be using the vehicle outside of agreed hours, you will be alerted immediately.
  • Tracking.You’ll even be able to see a league of your best and worst performing drivers!
  • Traffic & optimal routes. A vehicle tracking device will allow you visibility of the current traffic situation in a particular area with guidance on the optimum route for each journey.

How does vehicle tracking work?

Once trackers are installed on your vehicles, they use the mobile data network to send GDPR-compliant information to our secure cloud servers where it can be accessed by you on whatever device you choose. In order to view your vehicle tracking statistics and reporting, you can logon to our website using a username and password, or alternatively use our app ‘Pinpointers tracking’ available for both iPhone and Android. You can access this information anytime, anywhere and contact our 24/7/365 call centre should you have any issues.

How can vehicle tracking save costs?

As well as offering the most cost efficient route for your drivers in terms of petrol usage, you can claim back for mileage that your drivers have built up out on the road. Furthermore, our vehicle tracking system may save you needless resource by cutting out time-consuming administration tasks. See how our vehicle tracking devices can benefit your business with our free demo.