Telematics Vehicle Tracking Explained

Telematics Vehicle Tracking Explained

As one of the leading vehicle tracking providers in the industry, we understand that for those new to managing a fleet or who have recently started enquiring about vehicle tracking systems, the world of vehicle telematics can be confusing.

When implementing a vehicle tracking system for your business, you must complete proper research when choosing a company to trust. Fleet management is an extremely complex task, which further highlights the importance of ensuring you have a system that is both accurate and can fulfil all the tasks you need it for could be the difference between business success or failure.

As experts in vehicle tracking, we have put together this article covering all aspects of telematics vehicle tracking, the benefits, and why choosing a trusted service provider like Pinpointers is vital.

What is telematics for vehicle tracking?

Vehicle telematics tracking refers to an onboard communication service or application fitted to a vehicle, which communicates and reports information using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and other telematic devices.

The data usually collected by telematics vehicle tracking devices includes vehicle speeds, locations, behavioural patterns, and other important vehicle maintenance information, such as MOT and servicing appointments.

What is the difference between GPS tracking & telematics?

Essentially, GPS tracking and telematics devices deliver similar solutions with varying degrees of accuracy and detail. Telematics tools deliver more insightful information on your fleet, including the quality of driving, braking, and driver behaviours, allowing you to get more clarity on driver performance, enabling you to make more informed decisions, and improving your business operation.

Another major benefit when implementing a vehicle telematics tracking system is the ability to integrate multiple vehicle metrics into a centralised location. Some of the integrations available when working with Pinpointers include:

  • Receive service & MOT reminders
  • Fuel consumption
  • Real-time vehicle positioning
  • Deliver accurate information to your clients

Which vehicles have telematics?

Vehicle telematics devices can be integrated with almost any type of vehicle and are the perfect solution for organising your fleet and staying on top of asset tracking and vehicle management.

When working with a trusted vehicle tracking service provider, you will gain more options and flexibility when it comes to the capabilities of your tracking system. Here at Pinpointers, we have a diverse range of tracking solutions, including company car tracking, business van tracking, coach tracking, and HGV tracking options.

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Why Trust Pinpointers?

As mentioned, ensuring you work with a trusted and reliable service provider is vital to your business's success. There are many vehicle tracking companies out there, but, unfortunately, a large number of these companies do not provide their clients with accurate and precise data, meaning the clarity you receive may not be as you first thought, hindering your business without you being aware.

Pinpointers is an industry-leading telematics vehicle tracking system provider offering state-of-the-art technology, delivering real-time and precise data that you can trust and be confident is giving you the clearest picture of your fleet available on the market.

Our completely integrated and customisable solutions utilise Fast-Track technology, providing our clients with real-time and historical data, including road speed violations, driver timesheets, and real-time traffic updates with a comprehensive reporting suite, as well as real-time alerting. Our team will work with you to ensure your tracking system does everything you need and that you can expand your business to its full potential with more informed and accurate business decisions.

Explore our vehicle tracking features, outlining the benefits and advantages of working with Pinpointers. Want to know more information and gain control of your fleet? Contact us today and speak to our helpful team about our complete telematics vehicle tracking solutions.